Join Me At The Finger Lakes Machine Knitting Seminar

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I am so excited and honored to be a presenter at the 2017 Finger Lakes Machine Knitting Seminar on Sept 28th and 29th. (Click here for Seminar info.) I would LOVE to meet some of you there. Over the course of 2 days I will be giving 8 workshops, with an emphasis on img2track for electronic machines, but also some fun sessions that will apply to any machine. Here is a list of my workshops:

1. Tips for Knitting a King-sized Photo Blanket — Many of you have seen some of the truly amazing blankets that have been created using img2track. I will talk about and demonstrate some techniques to use in creating image files for this process. How to split an image in to 2 or more segments, and construction techniques. I use GIMP on a Mac, but the processes will be similar in many graphics programs. (Single bed or Double bed)

2. Tips and Tricks for Optimizing Graphic Images for Knitting – This will be a computer-based workshop. I will be demonstrating many ways of manipulating an image to optimize it for knitting. Mostly I want to encourage you to dig into your graphics program (whichever one you like using) and explore and experiment to find ways of altering images for knitting.

3. Img2track – More Than Just Fair Isle – Explore some of the ways in which you can let your creativity and imagination loose with lace, tuck and slip

4. Bubble Pops Shawl – This easy and additcitvely fun stitch pattern uses the ribber and a drop stitch technique. You’ll wonder why you waited so long to try it. (Double Bed) AND Crochet On The Knitting Machine? – Learn how to create this unusual and beautiful open stitch pattern that you’ll swear is crocheted when you’re done. (Single Bed)

5. Knitting Outside The Box: Creating a True Linen Stitch – A true linen stitch is one of those very elusive techniques for the knitting machine. Because it involves slipping/passing yarn on the knit side, it involves hand manipulation. I will discuss how I’ve developed a tool that facilitates this technique and demonstrate its use. (Single Bed)

6. Single-bed Plaid Without Floats — Using intarsia and manual needle selection, you can create a plaid that mimics the look of a woven fabric. (Single Bed, Intarsia)

7. Creating Filet Lace Motifs with img2track – In this workshop we will USE computer graphics and img2track to create and then knit filet-style lace motifs, using the lace carriage. (Single Bed, Lace Carriage)

8. DBJ – 3-6 colors per row – Using img2track and computer graphics, we will explore how to maximize an image for knitting in Double Bed Jacquard with more than 2 colors. (Double Bed)