Giveaway: Marianne Henio jacket pattern

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422-466 Swatches copy

The Henio 1 Jacket by Marianne Henio


I love knitweave. I think it’s a vastly underutilized machine knitting capability. I have only begun to explore it, but hope to do so much more.


I love that it creates a fabric that is completely different from most other sorts we create on our knitting machines. It resembles a woven fabric in so many ways. It makes me think about how our knitting machines share so much heritage in common with weaving looms, the origins of our punch cards going right back to the early patterning cards of the Jacquard looms.


Have you tried knitweave on your machine? Marianne Henio has created a lovely pattern for a very smart knitweave jacket, a bit in the Chanel style. I can’t wait to try it. I guess I loved it just as much back in 2016, when I first purchased the pattern, and still love it so much that I purchased the pattern again this week! Oops. My error can be your gain. Marianne has kindly allowed me to pass on my ‘extra’ pattern to another knitter.

How to enter to win the Henio 1 Jacket pattern:

Simply make a comment in the “Leave a Reply” section below. To qualify for the drawing, tell me what machine you knit on.  I will accept comments until September 30. At that time I will close off comments and randomly select one commenter to receive the pattern from Marianne.

24 Responses

  1. Evelyn

    I have a bulky singer 151 and a standard guage singer 360 and 560. All have ribbers and the bulky has a knit radar. Can’t wait to make some of Marianne’s patterns. Love them.

  2. Jeanett Steengaard

    Kind of you to do this.
    I have more than one machine, but my favourite is Brother 891.

  3. Janice malmstrom

    I have a sk326 with ribber. I am slowly learning to use it. I would love to try this jacket,it’s absolutely perfect! I have a simular one and was trying to duplicate it,although my skills aren’t up to that yet! I appreciate the chance to win this pattern. Thank you very much

  4. Maggie Pinckard

    Most of my machines are in the S/S/SR line. I started on a SK-150, then got the mk bug. I now have an SK-840, an SK-860 and an SK-890 as well. Additionally i recently purchased a F370k fibe gauge machine which is due to be delivered in Tuesday. I havent used knit weave much, just a few test swatches. Would love to fully explore with this pattern.

  5. Diane

    This pattern looks lovely! I knit on sk360, superba 1502 and 1602, passap e6, knitking 881, knitking 260. Id love to try knit weave too. Thank you!

  6. Jacqui Falder

    Hiya. I have a brother 891 with ribber. I bought it new 30 years ago but am getting to know it again after a 20 year break. I recently managed to do some double jaggard but want to learn some more interesting techniques

  7. Cindy

    Hi, I knit on an LK-150, Studio 700 and an SK840 🙂

  8. Pat Mills

    I knit on a Brother 891, I would love to try Knitweave as it is a technique I have never tried before. Recently I have been knitting mostly for my 2 grandchildren so it would be great to knit something for myself from a new pattern.

  9. Jane Anderson

    Oh Tanya sounds like something I would do!! I too haven’t tried knitweave and I’ve some lovely pink double knit that is asking to be woven as it can’t be knit even at the highest tension on my brother 950i.

    Jane Anderson x

  10. Linda Guy

    I have a brother 950. 891 and 260 machines, I have been knitting many years but have done knit weave, I would love the pattern to give it a go

  11. Karen Nelson

    Right now I am knitting on my Singer System 9000/624. (But I have others, too!)

  12. Moira

    I have yet to try knit weave but I do think Marianne’s jacket is very chic.

  13. Rebecca Townsend

    A good looking jacket. My machines are brother 930, brother 270.

  14. Deborah Henderson

    I’m so excited that you shared this on Facebook, I didn’t know you had a blog. I’m always looking for more of anything related to machine knitting. I currently knit on either my Brother 587 with ribber or my Brother 230 with ribber. I also have a Bond USM but it’s under the bed for now since I’m limited on space. I love Marianne Henios patterns and to see this jacket resembling Coco Chanel just makes me drool. Please enter me in your giveaway.
    Have a blessed evening,

  15. VA

    Goodness…I have been stalking that pattern!!
    I have several Singer/Studios: Sk155, Sk869, and my favorite Singer the MemoMatic 700; all with various add-ons and each with it’s matching ribber.
    (Yep, I caught the bug.)

  16. Sharon Salsbury

    I think i am not alone here, how can i knit on only one machine. Who do i choose, the Empisal push button a great little work horse. My Brother KH892 punch card machine. Or my Brother kh940 Electronic. So many things to knit not enough hours in the day. happy Knitting

  17. Brenda Smith

    Hi Tanya!

    I would love to make this knit weave jacket for my daughter, who teaches high school. I use mainly Brother machines, a 940 and a 260, both with ribbers.

    I learned a lot from your workshop at Finger Lakes last year and hope to begin with Image2track soon. I was especially intrigued by the lace work!



  18. Dana Bennett

    For the very first time today I tried a little sample of knitweave on my sk700. I love the look and the texture of the resulting fabric. I foresee many knitweave projects in my future!

    It’s very kind of you to hold this draw. Good luck to everyone who enters.

  19. Jennifer Meadows

    Silver Reed SK280

  20. Sonia Morais

    I have a brother kh940, love this machine ?

  21. Marjukka

    I knit with an Eva-machine, but have used Singer, Brother, Silver Reed and Orion before. Knit-weave produces lovely surfaces and I just loved the Chanel-style jacket by Marianne Henio with all it’s details. Would love to get the pattern.

  22. Karen Kirk

    I love Machine knitting-I stared many years ago on a Bond and about 4 years ago started purchasing the Japanese knitters-I now have several Singers including a bulky and also one electronic Brother machine which I love! I would love to try knitting a Marianne Henio pattern and this one looks great!

  23. Cutlerm Mary Anne

    Lovely jacket. One should reside in everyones wardrobe.
    I knit on 3 different gauge Silver-Reed knitting machines and ribbers. 4.5, 6.5, 9mm gauges.

  24. Bibbi Öst

    I like this jacket a lot. I have 4 different gauge Silver Reed machines.