Giveaway: Marianne Henio jacket pattern

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  I love knitweave. I think it’s a vastly underutilized machine knitting capability. I have only begun to explore it, but hope to do so much more.   I love that it creates a fabric that is completely different from most other sorts we create on our knitting machines. It resembles a woven fabric in so many ways. It makes … Read More

Join Me At The Finger Lakes Machine Knitting Seminar

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I am so excited and honored to be a presenter at the 2017 Finger Lakes Machine Knitting Seminar on Sept 28th and 29th. (Click here for Seminar info.) I would LOVE to meet some of you there. Over the course of 2 days I will be giving 8 workshops, with an emphasis on img2track for electronic machines, but also some … Read More

Public Participation Machine Knitting

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  This Sunday I’ll be doing machine knitting demonstrations from Noon-6pm at Threshold, in Madison, WI. I’ve spent a lot of time this week preparing for the event.  In addition to demonstrating my own knitting, using img2track, one of the things I want to do is to set up a Public Participation Machine Knitting Project. I’ve sort of gone back … Read More

Lace Knitting: A lifeline can save the day

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I have always loved knitting lace, whether by hand or on the knitting machine. I love the mathematical precision of the patterns, the astonishing designs that can be achieved simply by placing holes and doubling stitches at defined intervals. Most of all, though, I love the thrill of the ‘reveal’. Once all the knitting is done, and you take what … Read More

Back To the Future: Technology closes the circle

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One of the things that I find so fascinating about combining my laptop and my knitting machine is how it’s such a cool convergence of circles. Hmmm, maybe a Venn Diagram is in order? But, I’m getting ahead of myself. A huge part of how I got to be doing what I’m doing with knitting is that my friend, Davi, … Read More